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Pastoral Care and Counseling

Hospital and Home Visitation

If you or someone you know is in need of a hospital or home visit, please contact Pastor Chris Nelson at 260-897-3190

Spiritual/Crisis Counseling

Pastor Chris Nelson is happy to provide spiritual counseling and/or short-term crisis intervention counseling.  If you are in need of more extensive counseling, Pastor Chris will provide you with a referral.  To set up an appointment call 260-897-3190 


If you would like to schedule a wedding at Avilla Calvary and/or have Pastor Chris Nelson preside over your wedding, please contact the church ASAP in order to reserve your preferred date and receive information regarding fees and pre-marital counseling requirements.


Pastor Chris Nelson would be honored to preside over the funerals of your loved ones.  Please provide the funeral home with the church's contact information so that they can contact Pastor Chris to make arrangements.  

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